Getting Decorative Concrete Work Made by My Friend's Dad

Stained concrete contractor Austin

I have wanted to get decorative concrete for a long time now. My buddy took me to her parents house and showed me the project her dad is doing on his new garage. The floors seemed like stone which is when she told me they weren't, nevertheless they were concrete. I knew her dad owned a concrete company, however i did not know he could will give you results similar to this out of concrete. From tomorrow forward, I knew I needed to get such a work done in my porch and so on my patio. Industry experts her what he charges and she told me. She asserted she may be able to work something by helping cover their him to acquire us a better price into it. She called me a day or two ago and told me what he'd charge to get this done task for me. She said he's busy plus it defintely won't be for awhile but he would undertake it for me. I know just what I want and can't wait to have the work done. I am aware he can perform best wishes into it and I don't mind the wait for your price I'm getting.
decorative concrete contractor Austin


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